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Can ProSpec Concrete Resurfacer be stained or pigmented?

What product is best to use for a spalled walkway or garage floor?


What is SSD?

Yes, you can add pigment to the CR to achieve
a specific color or it can be stained once it has been allowed to cure
the recommended amount of time. The cure time prior to staining will be determined by
the manufacturer
of the stain.

ProSpec Concrete Resurfacer is designed for applications ½” down to a featheredge
and is polymer modified
so it will bond well to old properly prepared concrete.
It is fast drying and is walkable in 2 hours.

When using an air entrained concrete mix you will notice an increase in the material’s workability and improved freeze/thaw resistance. When water freezes it expands and takes up more space than water. The air content in an air entrained mix will be higher than a traditional concrete. This higher air content will allow the freezing water to migrate into the intentional air voids without causing damage to the concrete.

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